Friday, 18 January 2013

How i support myself

So, everyone has to support themselves, and everyone has their own way. I am not old enough as of yet to get a job, so how do I buy all the materials that i require in life? How do i buy my manga, anime, or japanese resources?

Well that's simple. There are websites online that allow you to earn some money in a short amount of time. For an example, you can earn about £4 by simply doing some surveys daily, that ask you about you hobbies / daily lives. Whilst most websites give you a small sum of money, meaning you waste your time, there is a website in particular i personally use and recommend.

If the above image is broken, you can sign up through here

By signing up to the above link (the image), you earn a free 250 point bonus when you sign up. You have to order something with these points to verify your address. Your order will arrive within a week, depending on where you live. You can earn cash in dollars, and withdraw via paypal / giftcards / cheques, if you do no want to earn points to buy through the site off amazon. I personally, withdraw via cash to paypal so i can freely use the cash on any website. Make sure you use correct contact details, so your order reaches you successfully.

Below is the companies direct video that i am helping to people so that they realise what they are in for! :D

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