Saturday, 12 January 2013

Realisation - Learning Japanese

I've become interested in japanese culture, and I've made a big jump in my life by starting to learn Japanese and about the different culture. Stay tuned in this blog to find out what i encounter, and how it will affect me! :D

This blog will contain:
What I learn about Japan
My thoughts on Japan
How i progress in learning japanese

Part 2 is now becoming available
Learning japanese is not an easy task, it's like jump off a cliff with fake wings on your back. Unless you can make those wings work, basically, your screwed. You have to be motivated and dedicated towards that goal that you seek. Fortunately, you've come to the right place!

Part 1:

Hiragana .... Katakana ...............................Kanji!
Things were going well with Hiragana and Katakana, but Kanji is on a different level. It's not impossible, you just need to come up with your own technique to remember them. For me, I'm finding Kanji pretty much awesome so far, since i already know the vocabulary before hand :D

Kanji may help you to gain vocabulary, but can't it be the other way round? It seems i answered my own question when i started learning the vocabulary before the Kanji!

On your path to learning japanese, there may be a lot to overcome, however, with the right way of thinking, you can 'Spirit Bomb' it and destroy them, one by one.

Here, you thought Omega Shenron was invincible?    Watch this and find out that what you think at first is not what you think later on.

The same concept applies to learning japanese. Simply do what Goku does. Stay dedicated and don't let it bring you down. :D

Do I need a text book, or in fact, any book to help me learn japanese? Which text book should I get?
These are frequent questions which are asked, however, each person learns differently.

Me personally, use :'Japanese for busy people' text book, as well as the  'Japanesepod101' website and a dictionary. In my opinion, the best way for you to manage to efficiently learn japanese is mixed learning. In my case, I can't sit down and work from a book every single day! Which crazy person studies from a book every day? Okay, well im sorry,  many people probably do, but I try to mix up my methods of learning so that I never get board.

You never see Monkey D. Luffy (From the one piece anime) do the same move over and over again do you? Oh wait, he does always use the 'Gatling Gun' but never mind, you don't see the same training methods over and over again do you? Do you? Do you??!?!?!?! Oh, that's good .... :D

Part 2:

Okay, so sorry for my late part 2, i was busy watching Nana Mizuki on stage (not in real life, although it would be awesome :D).
So i just realised something very important in learning japanese. Repetition is vital. Repeating vocabulary / sentences multiple times a day will allow you to remember it more clearly.
For an example, if you are to memorise vocabulary only, this is what you should do:
Day 1 - 20 Vocabulary
Day 2 - Repeat Vocabulary from Day 1 and 15 new vocabulary.
Day 3 - Repeat all 35 Vocabulary and learn 5 more vocabulary.

It is not about cramping all the words into your brain all in a short time. It is about remembering it properly, and by consistently looking at the words, you will be able to make that happen. 

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